Week 1:
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Week 2:
Jeff Chan | co-writer/co-director
Andrew Rhymer | co-writer/co-director

Week 3:
John Portnoy | post-production supervisor

Week 4:
Susan Benjamin | set decorator

Week 5:
Josh Haroutunian | publicist

Week 6:
Calum Worthy | actor

Week 7:
Onnalee Blank | supervising sound editor

Week 8:
Trent Claus | visual effects supervisor, Lola

Week 9:
Class Canceled

Week 10:
Class Canceled

Week 11:
Spring Break

Week 12:
Gena Vasquez | property master

Week 13:
Ryan Warren Smith | production designer

Week 14:
Joe Rudge | music supervisor

Week 15:
Luca Nemolato | concept artist

Week 16:
Kelly McMahon | Senior Vice President and Chair, MPA Classification and Rating Administration

Week 17:
Final Exam

With great thanks to our guests Jeff Chan & Andrew Rhymer, John Portnoy, Gena Vasquez, Ryan Warren Smith, Joe Rudge, Luca Nemolato, Kelly McMahon… and returning guests Susan Benjamin, Josh Haroutunian, Calum Worthy, Onnalee Blank, and Trent Claus.

The instructor also thanks Mariah Leming & Westin Peckels, Rachel Butler, Garry Hart & CTVA, Kira VandenBrande, Gordon Winiemko, Vince Hernandez, Michael Rousselet, Chris Baugh, James Sale, Armand Serrano, Daniel Love, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Annapurna Pictures, Amazon Studios, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., Lionsgate Entertainment, Orion Pictures, and everybody at Allied Integrated Marketing.


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