Author: Julia Compton

Julia Compton (CSUF ’16) was an English teacher at Kenmei Academy in Osaka, Japan until her violent, rage-infected mood swings resulted in her dismissal from the program. She is the affectionate, creepy aunt who oversees (from overseas) CTVA 102’s development and maturation into something plump and edible. If you encounter Auntie Julia, please do not approach her, and notify the authorities immediately.

Dark Side of the Screen was a student-led, on-campus series that ran from Fall 2014 to Fall 2016, showcasing the best in horror, thrillers, and noir.

Latest Recommendation:

November 15, 2019

MANDY (2018)
Directed by Panos Cosmatos
Action | Horror | Fantasy

Alright guys, it’s time for another recommendation. But first I would like to propose a new November trend. Instead of No Shave November, can we just do Nic Cage November? I know, I know, I read your mind. So this month I recommend to you Panos Cosmatos’ MANDY. This film has got it all: true love, acid trips, crazy cults, a demonic motorcycle gang, revenge, and an amazing soundtrack.  It’s basically an epic fantasy metal album come to life. Now go watch MANDY and let me know what you think.
– J.

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