Week 1:
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Week 2:
David Branson Smith | co-writer

Week 3:
Ioana Uricaru | writer/director

Week 4:
Jefferson Sage | production designer

Week 5:
Michael Burmeister | location manager

Week 6:
JJ “Loco” Perry | supervising stunt coordinator

Week 7:
James Sale | music composer

Week 8:
Midterm Exam

Week 9:
Gil Junger | director

Week 10:
Mike Dillon | digital intermediate producer

Week 11:
Spring Recess

Week 12:
Michael Rousselet | commentator

Week 13:
Andrew Leung | concept artist

Week 14:
Julie Garces | assistant editor
Larry Madaras | co-editor

Week 15:
Joan Graves | Chairman, MPAA Classification and Ratings Administration

Week 16:
Dizaster | actor/rapper
Jackie Long | actor
Calum Worthy | actor

Week 17:
Final Exam

With great thanks to our guests David Branson Smith, Ioana Uricaru, Jefferson Sage, Michael Burmeister, James Sale, Julia Garces, Larry Madaras, Jackie Long, Calum Worthy, Dizaster… and our returning guests JJ “Loco” Perry, Gil Junger, “Marvel Mike” Dillon, Michael Rousselet, Drew Leung, and Joan Graves.

The instructor also thanks Whitney Wetzel & John Vogt, Garry Hart & CTVA, Libbie Anderson, Mongrel Media, Ken Haber, Arielle Pace & John Pace, Courtney Hoffman, Amie Hobson, Gary Marcus, Jeremiah Samuels, Armand Serrano, and Julian Slater.


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