The CTVA 102 events calendar for Summer 2020 will primarily feature drive-in or online events. Some opportunities to attend such events are courtesy of our studio partners, and CTVA 102 has no control over event times.  Other events are organized by CTVA 102.

Launch dates/times for RSVP collections are not announced in advance.

CTVA 102’s attendance policies will not generally be in effect for online events.

6/4: CHECKING IN: Jimmy Wong (Online)

6/8: CHECKING IN: Blanche Sindelar (Online)

6/12: CHECKING IN: Brandon Christensen (Online)

6/15: CHECKING IN: James T. Sale (Online)

6/19: CHECKING IN: John Pace (Online)

6/20: Live Q&A: Spike Lee (Online)

6/25: Live Q&A: Kevin Bacon (Online)

6/25: CHECKING IN: Gil Junger (Online)

7/1-8/26: A NIGHT AT THE DRIVE-IN series (Vineland Drive-In)

7/23: THE CURRENT OCCUPANT, with Q&A (Online)

7/28: Live Q&A: JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE (Online)

7/29: CHECKING IN: 5-Second Films (Online)

7/30: THE TAX COLLECTOR, with Q&A (Vineland Drive-In)

8/6: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and SCREAM (Mission Tiki Drive-In)

8/11: SPREE, with Q&A (Vineland Drive-In)

8/13: Live Q&A: IMMIGRATION NATION (Online)

8/19: LA LLORONA, with Q&A (Online)

Thanks to Amazon Studios, American Cinematheque, ArcLight Cinemas, Beyond Fest, Blumhouse Television, Film Independent, Hulu, LatiFAM, Netflix, Outlier Society, Participant Media, RLJE Films, Shudder, Universal Pictures, and Vineland Drive-In.

Special thanks to Alex Ago and the USC School of Cinematic Arts..


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